Digital Globalization: Astro-Docs in the Digital Era

Digital Globalization: Astro-Docs in the Digital Era

Digital Globalization: Astro-Docs in the Digital Era


Digital globalization. We live in an Era where “real” globalization is a reality. Just like Lennon’s Imagine song, there are no barriers between countries. Information is real-time online available. Regardless of regional economic blocks, with digital globalization you can buy/sell your product/service from anywhere to anyplace. You can assemble effective cost production lines, provide service levels remotely, monitor and trade currency etc. You can communicate with anyone in any corner of the globe just about anything. For good and for bad. 

Ok, so what does digital globalization has to do with astronauts and doctors? Hence astro-docs?

1.     With international trade, be it products or people, Nature´s doing impacts all. Come again? Well, Nature is still not 100% known to us. Bacteria or viruses, natural or manmade, for example is causing global pandemic proportional to our trading activities. Currently, Covid-19. History shows us this thru other plague and/or pandemics. Pick your example, from dark plague to regular flus wiping out native tribes during colonization periods. All proportional to the level of exchanging goods, services or people (explorers, merchants, tourism etc). We fully do not understand these unknown threats for human beings, its consequences, origins etc. From Bill Gates to Elon Musk, global leaders share preoccupation on future global pandemics. Globalization is a highway for everything: goods and services, knowledge, people, diseases etc.

2.     We are experiencing day-to-day procedures, to protect ourselves and others, based on science and conscious. We must be aware of day-to-day activities, conscious, all the time. All science-based recommendations. Not exaggerating, almost life and death choices. What this means is that if, for example in the Covid-19 crisis, we “forget” and unconsciously touch our face with “not washed hands” we can contaminate ourselves with Covid-19. As in May 2020, still no vaccine and still not fully mapped health impacts. You can be totally asymptomatic or need intensive health care. Of course, statistics of age, risks etc, but still non-conclusive

What kind of people are “aware” all the time, and “follow” strict studied and analyzed procedures for everything? Astronauts and doctors. People that need to be like this to preserve life. 

So, Digital Globalization will make us “astro-docs”? At least in specific situations, be it another global pandemic or living in space? 

What does this mean for your business? Well, digitalization and adoption of digital tools are no longer a trend. You must consider your business today, and in 5-10-15 years. Forecast scenarios. Nothing extremely fancy or deep analyzed, but consider were your business will be, its ecosystem and stakeholders. Then, and only then, consider digital tools. We have endless options, from huge software providers to talented tiny dev companies. Your action plan must be based on your reality and future scenarios. Digital globalization provided these options for you. Google it, search linkedin, ask friends, contact potential suppliers doesn´t matter. Information is available. What today’s scenario is showing us is that it is possible to work online. Almost any task and/or activity. At least, conduct a great deal of processes involved online. Digitally. There are several studies and researches previous to Covid-19 regarding the future of companies in the Digital Era. Smaller workplaces? Online communications tools and ERPs? Cyber security? Artificial Intelligence? What this global pandemic is doing is accelerating these scenario planning and analyses from product and service providers. Your business can and must take advantage of digital tools. Again, they must fit your scenarios and characteristics, not the other way around. 

What does this mean for your life? Well, much is being discussed by philosophers, anthropologists, market analysts, health care personnel etc if the human race will emerge “better” from Covid-19. “Better” meaning more conscious about others and less selfish. With different values, mainly not so “money-oriented”.   

“We have this conflict between good and evil and man and woman because there are people doing evil things to other people for no reason, and I just want to beat the shit out of them. That’s the bottom line. All I can do is scream into a microphone instead.” –Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana

Of course, we cannot beat the shit out of anyone. And “no reason” is quoted in a more spiritual level. But Kurt Cobain’s thoughts on how our world works, is simple, studied from the beginning of time and direct: duality. Good versus Evil.

Hopefully, we will at least emerge as a more conscious society about this duality. Impacts of our actions to produce good or evil. Social distancing is giving humanity the time and situation to think more about spiritual themes, balancing more with “money related themes”. Not a radical change, but the “point of no return” for the beginning of thinking and acting more conscious. Impacts and relationships between actions and people.  

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